There is a war going on outside but we want to keep hope alive.
Support is needed immediately and everywhere in Ukraine so a bunch of independent music labels decided to launch a charity project to support people in need.

Over the last weeks we organized this together and already collected 126 tracks from 143 artists all around the globe. We released them all in one charity compilation which is out now.

Stream / Download:

All earnings from this release will be donated equally to two charity organizations to support people in Ukraine. These organizations are:

  1. ‘Save The Children – Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund (
    a. Donation Link:
    b. Wiki:
  2. ‘action medeor – Ukraine Fund’ (
    a. Donation Link:
    b. Wiki:

It’s beautiful to see how many artists & labels from all around the world join to support this aid project. In the following days we’re going to set up a link tree and will update this website.

If you want to support this project please donate to those two organizations and buy/stream the compilation once it’s out. This compilation will also be on Bandcamp where you can set your own price. Of course also 100% from the projects Bandcamp earnings will be donated to the two organizations. Please do NOT send us money direct via PayPal or otherwise, we are not a charity organization!

Because it always takes a while until we get the money from streaming royalties – we decided to start with a donation of 650€ [325€ for each organization]. Also our distributor agreed on donating 1000€ of royalties from this release upfront (which will be paid off by streaming royalties from this compilation over the next months).

We are planning to release the compilation as soon as possible (within the next weeks).

We collected 126 songs by 143 artists – we are very happy and touched by this extremely supportive community. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

If you got any questions – let us know.

YOUKRAINE – Together In Peace

This initative is managed by S!X-Music. Special thanks and big hug belongs to Paul McLay aka. ommood and our close friends from Chill Select, Dezi-Belle, Besser-Samstag, Melting Records, Stereofox, urbnundrgrnds, and Never skip the intro for their amazing support and help.